3D Printing: How Big and How Soon?

Recently, 3D printing has become a big topic in Silicon Valley because of the rise of “boutique manufacturing”, which combines engineering and IT design skills in new ways.  Desktop 3D printers from Mojo… Continue reading

Dresden Seeking Social Media Partners

My colleague Ralf Lippold in Dresden is seeking social media partners around the world.  He writes: I am a passionate social media / network enabler working on bringing together art, science, and technology… Continue reading

San Francisco’s Misfit Mystique

San Francisco has always been an oddball in the country, the outcast, the misfit, the wild Baghdad by the Bay.  Now our beloved SF Giants are playing in the World Series again and… Continue reading

My Move Back to San Francisco

After living in Silicon Valley for nearly three months, I moved back to San Francisco last month for several reasons: The City of SF is buzzing like a beehive right now with a… Continue reading

Beyond the PC Cliff

Recently, Dell, HP, Intel and AMD announced lower earnings due to slumping PC sales.  Will this PC slowdown be gradual or abrupt?  As the title suggests, I think it will be a sudden… Continue reading

Can Intel Recover?

Intel and other PC-related companies face a “PC cliff” during the coming years as the iPad and tablets undercut PC sales.  With PC microprocessor sales declining, can Intel find another cash cow to… Continue reading

Launching Silicon Valley Global Network

As a serial enterpreneur, I love launching new ventures and groups.  Last night, our Silicon Valley Global Network (SVGN) held its first Meetup in downtown San Jose to share and brainstorm ideas, projects,… Continue reading

“In the Valley of Digital Dreams”: My New E-Book

Amazon released my new e-book about growing up and working in Silicon Valley.  Guy Kawasaki wrote the introduction.  Available at Barnes & Noble:   http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/in-the-valley-of-digital-dreams-sheridan-tatsuno/1111778075