The Coming Enterprise Mobile Apps Boom

Cloud computing has been the buzz for the last few years, focused heavily on B2C mobile apps, but this space has become saturated.  Discovery is the #1 challenge today for millions of Android and iOS mobile apps vendors.

Moreover, cloud storage has become a commodity, so vendors are moving up the stack to services and apps in order to survive the pricing war. They are introducing new Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), hybrid clouds, and community clouds that enable higher margins and totally new services.

As these new cloud services come online, where are the new opportunities for developers and vendors?   Targeted B2B and B2B2C mobile enterprise apps!

Whether for sales and marketing, finance or HR, corporate users want specific mobile apps to do their jobs faster and more effectively.  Generic B2C mobile apps can work, but they are not sufficiently tailored for specific industry sectors and activities.  Enterprise users want secure, real-time, useful mobile apps that can easily scale to hundreds of thousands of colleagues along their entire supply chain.

Today, cloud users want to know two things:  What are the Use Cases and the Business Models?

In response, my startup, TruNorth Global, is offering In-Context Training:

SAP and its partners are offering online training in HANA use case studies:

SAP is also posting training videos to promote its Design Thinking services, which are targeted at helping developers create apps for specific corporate use cases:

The mobile enterprise world is rapidly moving to user-driven Design Thinking, where value can be added by developers and users. The era of promoting products is over; enterprise users want to guide and tailor the development of their mobile apps. They also want relevant, personalized training in real time.

So where are the new opportunities for developers and solution providers?  SAP has 275,000 corporate users so CEO Bill McDermott’s goal of shifting all of them to HANA over the next few years suggests that we will see a boom in sector- and function-specific mobile enterprise apps.  That bodes well for developers and startups looking for the Next New Thing.

Update (Jan. 28, 2015):  The enterprise mobile apps battle is heating up fast!

Apple, IBM expand apps for businesses to 22, eye 100 in 2015
Apple and IBM will jointly bring 12 additional applications to businesses and governments this quarter, bringing their total app introductions to 22 during their 6-month-old venture. Apple CEO Tim Cook said the software will incorporate help for health care, energy and other new industries, adding that the companies plan to release more than 100 apps this year. Bloomberg (1/27).

The enterprise mobile apps battle is heating up fast! Apple, IBM expand apps for businesses to 22, eye 100 in 2015, so I expect more announcements coming soon.
Bloomberg (1/27)