My Move Back to San Francisco


After living in Silicon Valley for nearly three months, I moved back to San Francisco last month for several reasons:

The City of SF is buzzing like a beehive right now with a variety of startups, major events and cultural life.  By contrast, downtown San Jose is rather quiet and sleepy, with few people and startups.  San Jose has a nicely redesigned downtown, but it forgot to lure back people, the main point of cities.

San Francisco has beautiful nature, scenery and a variety of architecture, plus it’s perfect for walking and hiking.  The City consists of micro-climates and neighborhoods that change dramatically within a few blocks.  By contrast, San Jose is the ultimate suburb of commuters; it’s hard to find pedestrians and cyclists outside of downtown.

San Jose is great if you’re married and commute to a job, but the city is split between a Latino Eastside and a white/Asian West Valley.  San Francisco is better if you’re single and like startups, nature, ethnic diversity and cultural activities.

In addition, my Park Merced apartment is rent-controlled so it’s the most affordable decent housing in the Bay Area, where housing rents and prices are rising fast.

In short, they’re very, very different lifestyles and environments!  Perhaps I would settle in San Jose if I were married, but until then the City is where I left my heart.  I’ll visit the valley often since I’m co-launching with valley partners, riding the SF-San Jose express on Caltrain.