Virtual Cities of the Future: Kinder & Greener

Sheridan Tatsuno, co-founder,, San Francisco In “Blade Runner” and the upcoming movie “Ready Player One,” Hollywood shows us one of their favorite genres — dark, violent dystopias not unlike many cities today.… Continue reading

Envisioning VR Futures

by Sheridan Tatsuno, co-founder, One Reality AB; author of comedic fantasy VR novel “Virtually San Francisco”. Available at Amazon: How can virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) be… Continue reading

The VR Gold Rush Heats Up

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) combined are one of the hottest Next New Things in Silicon Valley — the latest California technology Gold Rush. As Boost VC partner Adam Draper said in June: “We’re… Continue reading

How Will VR Come of Age?

Will virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) hit prime time?  It’s still early, but there’s a lot of corporate and VC activity buzzing around this fledgling industry.  At Augmented World 2015 in… Continue reading

The Transformation of Corporate Training

Corporate training is broken. Overpriced and inconvenient for busy professionals, it is undergoing massive fundamental changes as we move to cloud-based mobile devices. Recently, I met a SalesForce manager who said the traditional… Continue reading

The Coming Enterprise Mobile Apps Boom

Cloud computing has been the buzz for the last few years, focused heavily on B2C mobile apps, but this space has become saturated.  Discovery is the #1 challenge today for millions of Android and iOS… Continue reading

Launching Global Media Startups

by Sheridan Tatsuno, Dreamscape Global, San Francisco, CA How do you launch a successful global media company?  Where are the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls? As a screenwriter and a Silicon Valley tech strategist… Continue reading

Growing Your Business in the U.S.

Sheridan Tatsuno, Executive VP, TruNorth Global; Partner, DFM Ventures The U.S. is probably the most competitive market in the world because of its openness and rapid innovation. Offering great products and services is… Continue reading

The Mobile Learning Franchises of the Future

The current boom in MOOCs (massive open online courses) is changing the face of learning.  Once limited to public and private institutions, learning is now available to anyone with an Internet or cellular… Continue reading

2013 Outlook: 7 Big Trends Affecting Entrepreneurs

As we open 2013, I would like to share my thoughts on big trends that will affect entrepreneurs and innovators: 1.  The U.S. “Fiscal Cliff” will lead to ongoing uncertainty, restraining corporate investments… Continue reading